A recap of 2017 events

A short recap of sports events I have ‘participated’ in 2017. I said ‘participated’ because a friend once said that only those who’s goal is to win do the ‘race’. We merely participate to achieve our own goals. 12/31-01/01. Coastal Runs New Year’s Eve One Day. My first 12hr event, covered ~60miles. This would become the catapult in my ultra-running participation in 2017.  Blog entry here. 03/04. Myrtle Beach Marathon. A vacation marathon in Myrtle Beach, enjoying an off-beach-season.  This was a cold marathon, considering that this is already in the Southeast area, and it’s March! 04/15. Breakneck Point Trail … Continue reading A recap of 2017 events

Manitou’s Revenge Ultramarathon

They say you must be partially, if not fully, insane to do this race.  And whatever sanity you have had before the race, the devil would have taken it when you traversed its path. By the time you have finished the 4 summits of the Devil’s Path, you would be totally numb and void of sanity to finish the last 10+ miles of the course. June 17, 2017.  Manitou’s Revenge Ultramarathon.  And from the event’s website, in all caps. “THIS IS NOT LIKE ANY OTHER ULTRA YOU’VE RUN BEFORE!“. Prologue.   This was the reason why I chose to defer … Continue reading Manitou’s Revenge Ultramarathon

Weekends of April 15 and April 22

2 Fridays of experimental and sleepless car camping – checked. 2 Saturdays of exhilarating mountain trail running hiking – checked. 2 Weekends of therapeutic bliss and inner peace – checked. Breakneck Point Marathon. The pessimist in me:  A marathon 1 hour slower than my 50k. Hyner View Challenge 50k. The optimist in me:  A 50k 1 hour faster than my marathon.   April 15 – Breakneck Point Marathon. Friday.  My first car camping experience.  Sleepless, but I still would have preferred this rather than waking up very early Saturday morning and driving ~2hrs to get to the event.  Dinner was … Continue reading Weekends of April 15 and April 22

Coastal Run New Year’s Eve One Day

Dec 31, 2016. Mike picked me up from my hotel in the morning and we drove to Crissy Field. We picked up our bibs and souvenir fleece shirt, pitched the tent, and waited for the 9AM start. The weather was sunny with some cloud and wind (oh wait… this is the San Francisco Bay Area – being windy is the norm). I had my Mizuno merino wool shirt + a light running tights. 10 minutes before 9AM, we all lined up at the start, the 24hr runners and a mix of 6/12hr runners. More 6/12hr runners would start later. I’d … Continue reading Coastal Run New Year’s Eve One Day

NJTrail Series Wildcat Ridge 50K

Saturday, Aug 13, 2016.  Heat Index of 106 degrees. 50k in almost 8 hours.  In a day when the temp was over 90 degrees, with a heat index of over 100.  And the course was no joke either. A 10+ mile loop within the Wildcat Ridge Wildlife Management Area, the course is mixture of rocky towpath trails and blazed single track trails.  There’s a fully stocked aid station at the Start/Finish, and at the 4 and 9 mile mark (same station).  An unmanned water station was added at the 7mi mark because of the excessive heat condition. The 50k promptly … Continue reading NJTrail Series Wildcat Ridge 50K

TNF Endurance Challenge – Bear Mountain

Saturday – April 30, 2016. Synopsis.  I’ve done this last year.  I’ve forgotten how difficult it was.  Now, I remember. The Event – Overview.  The TNF ECS Bear Mountain is one of the events in The North Face Endurance Challenge Series.  It is ranked as one that has the most difficult and technically challenging course.  There are 4 races in today’s event – the 50M (which started at 5am), the 50K (this event), the Marathon and Marathon-Relay (which starts at a later time). Weather.  Saturday’s weather was pleasant and comfortable – cool temps, calm winds, and not a single drop … Continue reading TNF Endurance Challenge – Bear Mountain

Drymax Trail Maximum Protection

I have never written a review on the products I use, but I believe this one deserves it.  This is for the Drymax Trail – Maximum Protection socks.  It’s $29.70 – the MOST EXPENSIVE pair of socks I have bought to date.  I bought these socks based on the reviews, and the people who have been using them.  Heck, if these socks survive the toughest ultras out there, they must really be good.  My feet are prone to hotspots and blisters no matter what socks I put on.  So days before my trip to VA for the TNF ECS, Washington … Continue reading Drymax Trail Maximum Protection