Everyday Is A Gift


Everyday is a gift
It may not always be what we seek
Be thankful and appreciate
There’s an unexpected beauty in it.

Everyday is a gift
It’s not always the sunny days in September
Be thankful and appreciate
An unexpected snow day in November.


Random Thoughts at the Airport

​Everytime I see an elderly couple I can’t help but notice that the man always looks a lot older than his woman. Why?

I believe the answer is …

… In everyday that they are together, the man takes a day of his life and gives it to his woman so she stays younger as he grows older.

… This is also the logical explanation why single men look younger – they get to keep their lives to themselves.

… I need a beer.

Untitled #1

I need something to soothe my soul.  Music used to be a part of me.  I could listen to anything back then and I would find some tranquility.  I downloaded Spotify.  Now I’m listening to Martin Nievera, having a beer.  I’m at peace. I decided to write this entry.

Soaked Wknd

yesterday… humpy dumpy sat on wall. humpy dumpy had a great fall.  hey, hey, hey, it’s a beautiful day.

today… it’s wet n wild in sunny bermuda.

these were the phrases that kept on popping out of my mind while on bike (yesterday), and on the run (today).  in both cases, it was raining. and those phrases just kept me going.