Powerball, MegaMillions

Jan 3, 2018. Both the Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots have reached over $400 millions. Am I the only idiot who thinks that winning either of these is the worst thing that could ever happen to you? This is just too much money for average Joe’s like us. And too much is a sign of greed. And this is too much to the max.  It’s just so wrong in so many ways.  But then again, I’m just an idiot who thinks differently.  Good luck! Oh, what has the image got to do with this post, you may ask.  “Oishi and … Continue reading Powerball, MegaMillions

A recap of 2017 events

A short recap of sports events I have ‘participated’ in 2017. I said ‘participated’ because a friend once said that only those who’s goal is to win do the ‘race’. We merely participate to achieve our own goals. 12/31-01/01. Coastal Runs New Year’s Eve One Day. My first 12hr event, covered ~60miles. This would become the catapult in my ultra-running participation in 2017.  Blog entry here. 03/04. Myrtle Beach Marathon. A vacation marathon in Myrtle Beach, enjoying an off-beach-season.  This was a cold marathon, considering that this is already in the Southeast area, and it’s March! 04/15. Breakneck Point Trail … Continue reading A recap of 2017 events

Everyday. Always.

everyday the sun rises it may not always be clear but it does with a busy day ahead we oftentimes ignore it but if you can go out and find a spot you can bring your coffee if you want just stand still and watch it it’s free like it has always been   everyday the sun sets it may not always be serene but it does with a busy day that has passed we pay no attention to it but if you can go out and find a spot you can have a beer if you want sit still … Continue reading Everyday. Always.

Sprained Ankle – Again!?!?

Feeling bummed at this point. I sprained the same ankle yesterday, Aug 6, on the same trail. It was 2 weeks ago when the first one happened. It was recovering well, well, until yesterday. And this one looks and feels worse. The swelling is not getting down. It’s harder to walk. A slight twist causes discomfort. Also when the heel makes contact to the ground. In two months, I will have my first 100 miler. Is this now in jeopardy? Still trying to find a positive twist with this situation. With this, perhaps I’ll find out I have Wolverine’s healing … Continue reading Sprained Ankle – Again!?!?

Jury Duty – An Unexpected Experience

Have you ever been summoned to serve as a juror? Have you ever been selected to serve as a juror? What was your reaction when you received the summons? How was your experience when you were selected and served as a juror? I received a summons to serve as a juror, and on July 31, 2017, I was selected to serve as one. When I received the summons, I said, “Oh Crap”. It was not something I welcomed. And I believe I am not the only one with this kind of initial reaction. Before I go into my experience, let me … Continue reading Jury Duty – An Unexpected Experience