Sourland Mtn Preserve – A Break

I’ve been going to Sourland Mtn Preserve for several years now.  It has become my Go To place for my weeekday and weekend trail runs.  I’ve covered all the trails in all seasons, at different times of day.  I’ve seen deer, listened to birds singing, and used my imagination and named some trees on this preserve. Today, I am taking a break from running and simply enjoying my time doing a slow hike and taking pictures of what Sourland has to offer.  Here are some pictures of things that I have oftentimes ignored when doing a trail run. Here’s something … Continue reading Sourland Mtn Preserve – A Break

Hope Pass Hike

Hope Pass.  The highest elevation in the LT100 Run Race at 12600 ft.  And you have to do it twice from both directions, on the outbound (at mile 40) and on the inbound (at mile 50).  This is where dreams die and hearts broken.  This is the crux of the LT100 race.  I hope we don’t suffer the same fate of those who failed. On Tues, Aug 14th, we hiked Hope Pass from the Winfield side, the inbound section of the LT100.  First, we drove all the way to Winfield to see where the 50th mile aid station would be.  … Continue reading Hope Pass Hike

Mt Elbert – My 1st 14er!

“Ok Google, What’s the highest peak in Colorado?” “Here’s what I found.  Mount Elbert @ 14,439 ft.” As part of our acclimatization period for LT 100, Philip and I needed to be exposed to high altitude, above 12k ft.  The plan was to hike 1 14er, Hope Pass, and another 12k+, on Mon, Tue, and Wed.  We checked some 14ers close to Leadville.  The shorter distance, the better, since we were after the altitude, not the mileage.  Mt Massive, the 2nd highest peak, was a good candidate.  However, looking at some pictures, this was not an easy one.  Mt Elbert … Continue reading Mt Elbert – My 1st 14er!

Escarpment Trail – DNS

July 30, 2017. Escarpment Trail Run. I was registered to run. DNS (Did Not Start). But no regrets. I sprained my left ankle last Saturday, July 22. It’s healing well, so far. Applying cold treatment and ankle brace daily. Doing regular walks for a week, hobbling at first and getting better each day. Hoping to become a-ok for the race. Undecided to do the race until the very last minute. My friend, Jun, and I still went to the North-South Lake Campground on Saturday, July 29, for an overnight stay. We hiked on Saturday, testing my foot if it can … Continue reading Escarpment Trail – DNS

Late Post. Grand Canyon SK-PR-BA Hike

Dec 10, 2016. Grand Canyon. South Kaibab-Phantom Ranch-Bright Angel. The Adventure – Goal. Hike from South Kaibab trail down to Phantom Ranch and up to Bright Angel trail. This is my first hike down the canyon, with information and knowledge gathered from the web.  This is a good source of information for GC backcountry hiking – Backcountry Hiking Brochure (PDF). The Gear. Mizuno Merino Wool + Midlayer Jacket Baselayer Pants + Mizuno Pants Beanie + Neck Gaiter + Gloves + Hand Warmers Hoka trail shoes + Drymax socks UD vest with 50 oz bladder (H2O) + 2 bottles (Tailwind) 3 servings … Continue reading Late Post. Grand Canyon SK-PR-BA Hike

Bear Mountain Trails, Part 2

Saturday, May 28, 2016. 2 birds in 1 stone, my Saturday plan.  Or should I say, 2 bears in 1 day – Bear Mountain that is. Since the first BM Trails exploration, I’ve been craving for another trail experience.  But at the same time, I  needed to spend some time on the saddle for a triathlon training.  So, I decided to do both – bike up Bear Mountain to Perkins Tower, and then switch gears and hike the trails afterwards. Saturday morning.  I parked at the RD/TT trail head on 9W, and started the ride before 8AM.  This part of … Continue reading Bear Mountain Trails, Part 2