Manitou’s Revenge 54 Mile Ultra

June 23-24, 2018. MR54 Mile Ultra. “Does it make it easier the second time around?”  Hell, No! “Does it make is sweeter the second time around?”  Oh Yeah! I’ve done this last year – read the experience here.  The goal this year is the same goal I’ve set last year. I didn’t achieve the goal last year, but was happy to have finished without any injuries.  Would it be different this year? MR54 – a point-to-point 54.3 mile ultra from Windham, NY @ CD Lane Park to Phoenicia, NY @ downtown Parish Hall, traversing the technical trails of the Long … Continue reading Manitou’s Revenge 54 Mile Ultra

MMT 100

May 19, 2018. MMT 100 – A race against cut-offs, Poop-athon, and DNF. Prologue. So, are you ready for your next 100? A question I asked myself on Thursday, on the way to Virginia for MMT 100. I said to myself, that’s a question I would have the answer on Sunday, May 20, 2018. Start. The race starts on Saturday, 4AM and ends on Sunday, 4PM – a 36 hour cut-off for a 100 103+ mile race. With bad weather the whole week leading up to Saturday, the course would be unforgiving. True enough, the moment we stepped outside the … Continue reading MMT 100

TNF Bear Mtn 50K

May 5, 2018.  The North Face Endurance Challenge – Bear Mtn 50K Before the start… “I want to finish this in ___ hours” At the first aid station… “I feel great. I can definitely finish this in ___ hours” At some point in the middle of the race, when the body starts complaining… “Hmmm, maybe I can still finish this in ___ hours” More miles and time after, when the walking becomes more than running… “It’s alright, I am still within my backup goal of ___ hours” And some more miles later, when everything hurts, and the mind began to … Continue reading TNF Bear Mtn 50K

Boston Marathon 2018

A marathon where the sight of every mile marker is a relief. My experience on running the marathon on Monday, April 16th. Running a marathon is already hard. Running it with a weather condition like the one we had on marathon day was just brutal. Cold weather, mixed with torrential rain, and headwind with gusts close to 40 mph made it miserable not just for the runners, but for the volunteers and the crowd who braved the weather. And it was the crowd, volunteers and spectators alike, that pushed us, runners, to keep going and finish the race. And I … Continue reading Boston Marathon 2018

Powerball, MegaMillions

Jan 3, 2018. Both the Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots have reached over $400 millions. Am I the only idiot who thinks that winning either of these is the worst thing that could ever happen to you? This is just too much money for average Joe’s like us. And too much is a sign of greed. And this is too much to the max.  It’s just so wrong in so many ways.  But then again, I’m just an idiot who thinks differently.  Good luck! Oh, what has the image got to do with this post, you may ask.  “Oishi and … Continue reading Powerball, MegaMillions