A recap of 2017 events

A short recap of sports events I have ‘participated’ in 2017. I said ‘participated’ because a friend once said that only those who’s goal is to win do the ‘race’. We merely participate to achieve our own goals.

12/31-01/01. Coastal Runs New Year’s Eve One Day. My first 12hr event, covered ~60miles. This would become the catapult in my ultra-running participation in 2017.  Blog entry here.

Coastal Runs New Year’s Eve One Day

03/04. Myrtle Beach Marathon. A vacation marathon in Myrtle Beach, enjoying an off-beach-season.  This was a cold marathon, considering that this is already in the Southeast area, and it’s March!

Myrtle Beach marathon with my Boston angels, MR, LL, KC, SC

04/15. Breakneck Point Trail Marathon. A very technical trail marathon covering the rocky trails in Cold Spring, NY, including the popular Breakneck Ridge. And this is closer to a 50k distance than a pure marathon distance!

Breakneck Point Marathon

04/22. Hyner 50k Challenge. A steep and challenging 50k in the Rocksylvannia. Although not as technical as the Breakneck Point Marathon, this was still hard.

Shared blog entry here.

Hyner 50K Swag

04/30. NJ Marathon. A last-minute pacer for this marathon, which I always loved doing. Seeing people achieve their goals by pacing is very rewarding.

NJ marathon. Pacing with my Boston angels MR, LL, KC, SC

05/13. TNF Bear Mtn 50Miler. My 1st official 50Miler. It was cold and RAINING! from start to finish. I almost quit because of hypothermia, but managed to continue and finish. My whole body was numb after the race.

TNF Bear Mtn 50 Miler

06/17. Manutou’s Revenge Ultra. Considered as one of the toughest 50+Miler in the east coast, if not the whole US. The course is in the popular hiking areas in the Catskills region, including the famous Devil’s Path.  Blog entry here.

Manitou’s Revenge elevation profile

07/09. Whiteface Sky Race. I wrote an entry saying that this is the hardest short distance I have ever done. And I would love to do this again in 2018.  Blog entry here.

whiteface skyrace muddy gear
Whiteface Sky Race

07/30. Escarpment Trail. DNS (Did-Not-Start) because of injury.  But my friend and I went camping and hiking in the area.  Blog entry here.

Catskills Peaks

10/06. Grindstone 100. My 1st 100 miler! And I chose the Grindstone 100! With no pacer or crew.  With a swollen left foot after the race, I earned my 1st buckle. Now I really feel sorry for not writing an entry about this event.  I would like to remember the simple things that helped me and use them as a guide for the next 100 miler(s) in my schedule.

Grindstone 100 with my Boston crew, MR, LL, KC, SC

11/05. NYC Marathon. My 2nd NYC marathon, the 1st one back in 2011. 6 years after and almost identical finish. But I was more relaxed this time. I guess it’s true, age slows you down, but age also makes you a better and more efficient runner.

NYC marathon with my Boston angels, MR, LL, KC, SC

12/02. Rehoboth Marathon. The last event for 2017. And the best post-event-party EVER! Imagine Dogfish beer waiting for you at the finish, with a party until every runner has crossed the finish line!

Rehoboth Beach marathon with my Boston angels, MR, LL, KC, SC


And for 2018, hoping to do more of these, while I can …



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