Camping – Elliott Key

Dec 15-16.  Elliott Key, Biscayne National Park.

After 2 nights at the Everglades, next stop was an overnight camp at Elliott Key, Biscayne National Park.  Elliott Key is a island accessible only by a boat trip from Dante Fascell Visitor Center. I had booked my boat trip in advance. Reservation was not required for camping in the island. A camp fee of $25.00 was due upon setting up camp. Elliott Key has bathroom facility for visitors and campers. Don’t expect hot shower, though! Like the Everglades, the island was still recovering from the hurricane. The trail leading to the other side of the island, and to the (in)famous Spite Highway was still closed, but no one’s stopping anyone from exploring. Just don’t expect cleared and bug-free trails. LOTS of bugs in the island. I learned the hard way the sting and bites of the no-see-ums. The bug spray I had did not seem to work on them. ***** POST_CAMPING NOTE. 3 days after my camp @ Elliott Key I was still scratching and had sleepless nights *****. AND raccoons, which were so active and fearless! I took advice from my next-site campers to put all my food inside the bathhouse since I didn’t have a hard-sided food container. I was just having snacks in the afternoon and a raccoon was literally next to me, ready to grab whatever I put down on the picnic table!

I met a young couple camping in the island as well. I had to mention them here because aside from being friendly, the guy bears the same name as yours truly 🙂

Sunset was amazing in the island! And I had my chance to capture it in this timelapse video.

Sunset @ Elliott Key

Broke camp in the morning, after my coffee and bread. The boat arrived to pick us up @ 9am and we were back in the Visitor Center before 10am.

Elliott Key was a cool island camping experience. It would be nice to come back when everything is back to normal so a full island exploration is possible.


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