Escarpment Trail – DNS

July 30, 2017. Escarpment Trail Run. I was registered to run. DNS (Did Not Start). But no regrets.

I sprained my left ankle last Saturday, July 22. It’s healing well, so far. Applying cold treatment and ankle brace daily. Doing regular walks for a week, hobbling at first and getting better each day. Hoping to become a-ok for the race. Undecided to do the race until the very last minute.

My friend, Jun, and I still went to the North-South Lake Campground on Saturday, July 29, for an overnight stay. We hiked on Saturday, testing my foot if it can handle the rough trail condition. The ankle did not have the full flexibility and agility it had before the sprain. Landing on steep and technical sections was still awkward and with some difficulty. There was still some swelling after the hike. When we got back to the campsite, I made the decision to skip the event. After a few beers, I’ve accepted my decision.

Sunday, we did another hike. We did 3 major peaks in the Blackhead Wilderness area  – Thomas Cole Mtn, Black Dome Mtn, and Blackhead Mtn, all members of the Catskill 3500 Peaks. The trail was technical, but the ankle managed well. And since it was not a race, there was no pressure on how fast or slow we had to go, stopping and resting at every vista. We had some wonderful views, the best one was the view of the Devil”s Path’s peaks from Black Dome Mtn.

Devil’s Path Peaks – View From Black Dome Mtn

Escarpment Trail is a very tough and technical race. And I know I needed to be 100% ok to do it, which I wasn’t. Doing the alternate plan of a pleasure hike was the right decision. And at the end of the day, there were no regrets.  And perhaps, more beers.


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