A Band of Brothers

HoH 2017 Beer

A Band of Mischief Brothers.

They seldom see one another.  And when do they do, they tend to become loud. They are full of BS talks.  They talk in a language none of those around them understand.  Others would not approve of some of the actions they do.  They couldn’t care less.

They do events together.  And before the event, trash talks build up – either to stir some friendly conversation, or to intimidate and instill fear.  Those who know, know this is plain BS.  Those who get fooled, well…

Today, they rode HoH – Hell of Hunterdon – a bike ride in the central Jersey.   Some of them had to travel far to do this ride.  They rode not because the course was hilly – or flat.  They rode not because they knew they can do it, cruising – or crawling.  They rode because they wanted to spend time with friends they have not seen for a while.  This seldom happens, having their own busy personal lives.  Today, they became one.

They rode together. And once again, they were loud.  They had fun from start to finish.  They spent the whole ride exchanging stories, mostly of course BS talks.  Not even a mechanical problem could dampen the fun they had.

At the end of the ride, they spent more time in the parking lot, drinking beer and more BS talks.  No one talked how fast he was, how strong he was compared to the others.  None mentioned how long it took them to finish the ride.  It was just plain camaraderie time with friends.

This is one group you’d be proud to be part of.  And this is no BS talk.  I dare you to join them – I guarantee you’d have one of the best times in your life.