Drymax Trail Maximum Protection

I have never written a review on the products I use, but I believe this one deserves it.  This is for the Drymax Trail – Maximum Protection socks.  It’s $29.70 – the MOST EXPENSIVE pair of socks I have bought to date.  I bought these socks based on the reviews, and the people who have been using them.  Heck, if these socks survive the toughest ultras out there, they must really be good.  My feet are prone to hotspots and blisters no matter what socks I put on.  So days before my trip to VA for the TNF ECS, Washington … Continue reading Drymax Trail Maximum Protection

Susquehanna State Park Trails

April 10, 2016.  Sunday.  Exploring the trails at Susquehanna State Park in Havre de Grace, MD. From a previous post, this is part of the weekend plan – do the TNF Challenge 50k on Saturday, and explore Susquehanna Trails on Sunday.  Depending on the condition of the legs after the 50k, I could do an 11miler or 6miler trek following the training trails I found in the HAT Run Training Loop.  I have also downloaded the PDF Maps app for Android, and printed an official trail map found here. After a hearty breakfast at the hotel, checked out and drove/parked … Continue reading Susquehanna State Park Trails

TNF Endurance Challenge – Washington, DC

April 9, 2016. Mudfest. A one-word epilogue of this book called The North Face Endurance Challenge, Washington DC, 2016 Edition. It’s April. But the weather, days prior and up to the day of the event, was closer to winter than it was to spring. I was unsure what gear to wear on the event so I packed a backup, and a backup of the backup, to handle the wet, windy, low temps condition looming on the forecast. The grand plan was to do the event, stay an extra night somewhere on the way home, get some beers and crabs, and … Continue reading TNF Endurance Challenge – Washington, DC