Coast-To-Coast Train Travel – A Perspective.

Long distance travel by train may have seen its glory days back in the middle of the century. We are now in an era where travel by air is much preferred by the current generation. Travelling by train, coast-to-coast, was not on my list, until a friend forwarded a post about how financially affordable, and a rewarding experience, it could be. I started scouring the Internet for more information about it, reading blogs shared by people who have done it, and a plan was made to do a coast-to-coast train journey. Some people may find this ridiculous and a complete … Continue reading Coast-To-Coast Train Travel – A Perspective.

Day 16. Homeward Bound

Jan 8. Day 16. New York, New York. Here it is, the final stretch of the whole journey – aboard the Lakeshore Limited to New York. Woke up at around 7:30AM EST. Lost 1hr of sleep last night from CST to EST. Breakfast was uneventful – just a quiet solo meal at the table. It would be like this the whole trip – uneventful. The train does not have a lounge. I stayed in my cabin, staring at the window looking for interesting views to see. Before lunch, I took another shower to pass time. Lunch was quiet, dining alone … Continue reading Day 16. Homeward Bound

Day 15. Final Day To/At Chicago

Jan 7. Empire Builder. Minneapolis to Chicago. Good morning. Woke up at St. Paul-Minneapolis, MN. I was not able to get some good sleep last night. I stayed in bed until we started moving again, so I missed whatever view from a glass window the city of Minneapolis had to offer. By 8AM, forced myself to get up for breakfast. I enjoyed my breakfast with an elderly couple coming home to Chicago from a visit to family in Seattle. It was, again, a very engaging conversation. Headed to the lounge car after breakfast to have a view of the frozen … Continue reading Day 15. Final Day To/At Chicago

Day 14. Scenes from Empire Builder

Jan 6. Empire Builder. Montana to Minnesota. Good morning. Woke up this morning at Whitefish, MT, with the announcement from the dining crew that breakfast is now being served at the dining car. It’s 7AM and still dark outside. But once awake, there’s no reason to go back to sleep especially when hungry. Heading to the dining car, I saw Erica, our cabin attendant, and asked to undo the bed. Another very attentive-to-your-needs cabin attendant we have on this trip. Sat down with a father-and-daughter duo coming back to Minnesota from a skiing trip in Whitefish. Had a pleasant conversation … Continue reading Day 14. Scenes from Empire Builder

Day 13. Start of the Journey Back Home

Jan 5. Day 13. Empire Builder – Seattle to Chicago. 3 Days. Today is the start of the journey back home, via the Empire Builder from Seattle to Chicago on the Northwestern route, followed by the Shoreline Limited from Chicago to New York 2 days after. It’s cloudy, wet, with drizzle in the downtown Seattle area. Had my morning coffee in my room, prepared the bags for today’s trip, showered, and went for a walk and brunch – noodles at the nearby mall food court. Late lunch would be at the same place – again, noodles. The hot noodles make … Continue reading Day 13. Start of the Journey Back Home

Day 12. Seattle Downtown

Jan 4. Day 12. Seattle Downtown. The last 2 days, I spent with Ronald and family in Bremerton and Silverdale, catching up on stories of our lives. We talked about anything and everything that just pops up from our minds, from past memories to current events. Some funny, some had seriousness in them. This is how Day 11 went by. Jan 4. Today, Ronald and I left Bremerton for Seattle downtown before lunch. I would be staying in the downtown area for a night before the final trip back home tomorrow. Checked in at the Westin Seattle, with a special … Continue reading Day 12. Seattle Downtown

Day 7. Lombard Crooked Street

Dec 30. Day 7. Lombard Crooked Street.  And a Walk to Crissy Field. I only have 2 places to see today – Crissy Field and the Lombard Crooked Street. The Lombard Crooked Street is a popular local attraction in the area, and is on the way to Crissy Field by foot. It’s about a 4mi trek rom the hotel.  I wanted to see Crissy Field and scout the area for tomorrow’s event. It’s cold, cloudy, and wet today. Didn’t realize I would be traversing the hilly streets of San Francisco to get to Lombard Street. Just getting there was already a workout, … Continue reading Day 7. Lombard Crooked Street