Marathon Time Guesstimator For Dummies

Forget memorizing the pace you need to maintain to calculate your marathon time.  Here is a foolproof guide to estimate your finish time.  This applies to race day assessment of yourself, how you feel upon reaching the halfway mark. 1. Wow, 13 miles DONE? Go for it. You are on pace for a negative split. 2. Yey, 13 miles LEFT to go! Nice control. You are on pace for an even split.  +/- 2 minutes your halfway time. 3. Wtf, 13 MORE miles to go? Start praying. You’re way out of whatever goal you set.  +10 minutes or more to … Continue reading Marathon Time Guesstimator For Dummies

Marathon Tidbits

I decided to make this a separate entry – originally the epilogue on the Steamtown Marathon 2015 entry. Some tidbits on how to run a marathon and have a good time, both race time and feel time. ┬áThis applies to events other than a marathon. Thank the supporters. They did not have to wake up early to support a stranger. But they did. Thank the volunteers. They did not get paid to do this. And yet they did it for you. Cheer a fellow runner. You’re both running against time, not against each other. Enjoy the scenery, whatever you find … Continue reading Marathon Tidbits

Steamtown Marathon 2015

A no-expectation marathon with an unexpected result. When I signed up for this event back in June, the goal was to make this my A-race and try to get a BQ time. My last official event was in June, a half-distance triathlon. The approach would be to focus on running after this. Days, weeks, and months have passed – priorities and interests have changed. July – occasional weekday 4-6miles with no long runs. August – same story. September – what? It was almost end of September and not even a 10miler? So how did I manage to finish a 3:40 … Continue reading Steamtown Marathon 2015