Late Post. Central Jersey 200k – First Official Rando

Sept 19, 2015 – On this day, Kit, a friend and a fellow endurance athlete, and I embarked on our first official randonneuring event. This is the NJ Randonneurs Central Jersey 200k. We are not new to riding long distances and spending hours on the saddle, but randonneuring is different. It is a self-supported long distance ride, relying on the cue sheet given at the start (and a gpx/tcx map route if you happen to have a gadget like garmin where you can upload and follow the route). To get more information about randonneuring, visit these wonderful sites, RUSA and … Continue reading Late Post. Central Jersey 200k – First Official Rando

Cranbury 200k+ Unofficial Rando

Sept 27, 2015 – I did an unofficial Cranbury 200k solo ride. The route map and cue sheet are available from the NJ Rando home page. Downloaded the map from RideWithGPS,¬†Cranbury 200k, and uploaded the course to my tandem gadgets, Garmin Edge 305 and Garmin Forerunner 310xt. Both, by the current lineup of the Garmin products, are old and outdated. But they still work, and at the end of the day, they did their job and got me home safely. I have the 305 on breadcrumb trail display and the 310xt on compass direction display. Photos below taken about 10 … Continue reading Cranbury 200k+ Unofficial Rando