Why does this feel different? What makes it different? I have done several marathons but this one is different. I get goose bumps. I was here last year just for the marathon. I am back this year and feels that it is more than just a marathon.

I attended the mass at Trinity Church. The service was different. The priest said today is a celebration of life coinciding with the marathon weekend. A blessing. A resurrection.

Resurrection comes after the sorrow of death, good friday. On this day everything feels like it’s the end. Everyone will experience this day. But always remember, resurrection follows after. It may not be three days after. It will probably be longer. Boston’s own good friday happened last year. And its resurrection, this year. You can feel that everywhere.

It’s true.



think I’ll go to Boston
think I’ll start a new life
think I’ll start it over
where no one knows my name
… by Augustana

one year after the BM bombing, I still get misty-eyed reading news about it. remember mr, kc, ll, sc.