Bermuda Marathon 2014

I have more to write about my post-event adventures but I feel like I need to write something about the event itself before it becomes forgotten. The marathon/half marathon is the last of the 3 events – 1mile run on Friday, 10k on Saturday, and Half/Full on Sunday. Participating in the 3 events means you’re up to the challenge. I only opted to do the marathon – I have other things planned for this trip. I picked up my bib on Saturday, a bit late I guess because there was nothing left in the pickup area – just the bib … Continue reading Bermuda Marathon 2014

Flight Security Check

It’s been a while since I went on a trip that involves airplane, airport, baggage check, and security screening.  It felt like it was my first time flying again. Didn’t really know what to expect, from what’s allowed and what’s not in your carry on items.  My large half-empty toothpaste and a small cookie butter (plastic bottle) were confiscated.  Not that I’m mad at this kind of security we have in place now, but it seems like we have lost something since 911/shoe bomber/other flight-related attempts.  We’ve lost trusting our common sense in exchange of a more concrete by-the-book do’s … Continue reading Flight Security Check