boston marathon 2013 in pictures

boston marathon 2013 in pictures

one picture says it all


boston marathon 2014

i want to write this while i still have the chills and goose bumps.

i ran the boston marathon this year, april 15, 2013.  i ran it with an injury but that did not stop the festive feeling i had doing the event.  i ran with the back of pack, and was enjoying every mile of it, taking pictures of every mile (and town) marker we hit along the course.  this would be my slowest marathon, but the best one nevertheless.  i finished the race with a smile.  then the blast, the news, the aftermath.  everything changed after that.  went back to jersey without even knowing who won the race.  the names of those who died, i remember.

i promised myself i will go back to boston, if not in 2014, then some other year(s) after.  this was (and still remains) an item in my bucket list.

2014 boston marathon seemed to be far from reality. i did not qualify in any races i have done.   heck, i couldn’t even come close to the qualifying time.   age and injuries were the factors.   still, the hope (and will) to come back remained, perhaps in 2015.  i made it a commitment to work hard for this to happen.

then, something happened.  in november, posted an invitation.  the invitation basically went like this: reply to the invitation with a story of how the 2013 event affected you, to review your story, and based on the review will give you a spot for the 2014 marathon – no qualifying times nor charity involvement needed.  the invitation was not a guaranteed spot.  i replied back with my story – every word i wrote came from the heart. the website said the decision would be on dec 4.  i tried to put everything aside after my reply, i knew it was a long shot to get a spot.

dec 4 came.  morning.  i checked the website.  nothing.  no email either.  checked fb – there was a post saying to check the website for the accepted participants list.  went back to the website and checked.  nothing – my name is not on the list.  i felt sad – i don’t know how else to say how i’ve felt at the time.

went out to get lunch.  while waiting, saw an email in my phone from

subject: Notification from the B.A.A. (ref.: 2014 Boston Marathon)

i had chills and goose bumps reading the email.  really.  i read it again to make sure i did not miss the NOT word.  it wasn’t there.  my request to run the boston marathon WAS ACCEPTED.  i couldn’t believe it.  i was misty eyed (again?).  HE made this possible.  i uttered thanks.

went back to office and immediately checked the website for the participants list – my name was still not there.  but i have the email.  i will hold onto this email as my proof.

i will be running boston marathon 2014.  it will be for and in memory of these initials: MR, KC, LL, SC.

again, thank YOU.