T-332. a detour

IMMT was supposedly my first full distance triathlon.  This is what my countdown is about.  This has all changed today.  Today, I registered for the inaugural Challenge AC to be held 1+ month before IMMT.  Same distance, different organizer, different place.  It’s hard to resist this event because 1) it’s in Atlantic City, New Jersey – very close to home, 2) bike course in AC Expressway ? – who wouldn’t want to ride a very fast ride along a freeway, and 3) it’s not M-DOT – 🙂

Now, will Challenge AC be a dress-rehearsal for a better IMMT ?  or a wake-up call for a stupid decision ?



target long run shortened.  ended up doing walk-run because of a nagging discomfort on my left knee, outside area.  this started right after the turkey swamp 50k about 3 weeks back. signs of getting old, a little pain here, a little pain there.