ultra running thoughts

been wanting to write about this, but keep on forgetting.  just some thoughts in my head while running an ultra.

  • a 50k ultra is not just a marathon + another 5miles or so. that extra 5miles hurts more.
  • next time, go slow, really slow on the first (more than a) few miles.  if you think you can sustain the pace that you’re in now,  think again.



i started a runnning streak on july 1 and decided to end it yesterday.  it was a short-lived streak.  i decided to end it because (1) i felt like putting ‘quantity’ over ‘quality’ runs, (2) i am neglecting the other ‘legs’ of the sports i like to do – biking and swimming.  what i have decided now is to do something EVERYDAY.  this will be my new streak.