i WAS a big fan. not because you doped. not because you cheated. not because you lied. but because you attacked those who pointed these out. because you never showed guilt doing these. you never showed remorse when you admitted these. i admired what you have accomplished. how you came back from cancer, how you have put positive influence to people to fight, survive, and win. this, i still do. but the athlete whom you admitted you are, no. I’m no judge. I’m no saint. I’m a sinner like the rest of us. peace. Advertisements Continue reading lance

peanut island 24

i am new to ultra running.  in fact, this is only my 2nd ultra.  but it has always been in my mind to run more than a marathon distance.  and it has also been in my dreams to celebrate the new year outside the traditional way.  when i saw this event from a calendar website, i got interested.   the only question i had was location – florida. coming from nj, this would be an expensive trip. after n days of thought, i decided to follow my heart and signed up, not even thinking about the logistics on how and … Continue reading peanut island 24