Mr Grumps

Hello 2019. Meet Grumpy Kirby, aka Mr. Grumps. You may have known him during his playful days. He has aged since then and retired from that playful and lovable character, but he’s still funny at times. He loves adventures and has done sports events from marathons to triathlons to ultras, but enjoys camping, exploring and hiking nowadays. He has asked me to join him in his adventures. And with that look, how can I refuse? So far, we’ve done two hikes together, with me carrying his pack and taking pictures. Boy, this old fart really loves to have his pictures … Continue reading Mr Grumps

Arches National Park – In Pictures

Delicate masterpieces. How they look today may not be the same tomorrow. Time, and the sculpting hands of nature created them. The same elements can change, or even destroy, them.  Let man stand aside and not contribute that would lead to their destruction. Date established:  April 12, 1929, as a National Monument.  November 12, 1971, as a National Park.   Date of visit:  December 10-13, 2018. Day 1.  Arrival. I arrived late at Moab, UT, and only had a chance to go to the Visitor Center to get some information from the park rangers before they close for the day.  … Continue reading Arches National Park – In Pictures

Petrified Forest National Park – In Pictures

What’s so special about dead woods?, I said to myself. They’re just woods, broken in pieces, preserved in time. Until I’ve touched them … Dumbfounded, I blurted… These ain’t just woods! Date established:  December 8, 1906 as a National Monument.  December 9, 1962 as a National Park.   Date of visit:  December 16, 2018. The scenic road on the park is 28 miles from the northern entrance, Painted Desert, to the southern entrance, Rainbow Museum.  It was leisure driving at its best.  It would have been nice to have a top-down and let the breeze flow as you drive on this … Continue reading Petrified Forest National Park – In Pictures